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Each day we measure Brix, or sugar levels in our Peach-O-Rama peaches (using a tool called a refractometer). The higher the Brix level, the more flavorful, aromatic, sweeter, and juicier the peach.
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Taste the Best!

The sweetest and juiciest peach you’ll ever eat.

Remember when you used to wait every summer with anticipation to sink your teeth into a sweet, juicy, fragrant, sun-ripened peach and the juice would run down your chin? Well, get ready to relive that great taste of the ol’ days!

Posted on August 21st, 2015

It's here!

Come on in and taste the sweetest, juiciest peach you'll ever eat!

Local Zee Lady Peaches from Pence are in stores now.

Organic Cal Red Peaches from Frog Hollow are now available. This is the last shipment of this variety.

Learn how the sweetest, juiciest peaches get from the orchard to the store.