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Each day we measure Brix, or sugar levels in our Peach-O-Rama peaches (using a tool called a refractometer). The higher the Brix level, the more flavorful, aromatic, sweeter, and juicier the peach.
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Celebrating 20 years of the sweetest, juiciest peach you'll ever eat!

With memories of summers spent sinking our teeth into sweet, juicy, fragrant, sun-ripened peaches, we sought to replicate that chin-dribbling deliciousness. After trekking across peach country, we found the perfect peaches for the job.

Posted on July 28th, 2016

The peaches have arrived!

Pence peaches are in short supply today:(

Frog Hollow are plentiful and Brixing at all time high levels!

Learn how the sweetest, juiciest peaches get from the orchard to the store.